Lamborghini Salamanco Concept

New Designers 24 Feb 2016
Lamborghini Salamanco Concept

The Salamanco Concept is a project of a two seater road legal racecar with an extreme, aerodynamic design. The author is automotive designer Adán López Ortiz from Mexico.

The Salamanco is based on a hybrid aluminum extrusion – carbon fiber chassis, and has a body designed to generate maximum downforce.

Lamborghini Salamanco Concept

The author modeled the entire vehicle in 3D, including the interior trim and many chassis components.

Lamborghini Salamanco Concept

The extreme, aerodynamic look, that takes inspiration from the brand’s DNA as well as from jet fighters, use a combination of basic, raw shapes that recalls the essential shapes of actual race cars.

Lamborghini Salamanco Concept - Design Panel

Automotive designer Adán López Ortiz explains: “The main cue was also to make the driver feel as exposed to the road and mechanical roughness as possible. I dream it to have a cockpit where you can see the road, the push rod suspension, and the disk brakes ( getting red by hard decelerations) to give you as a driver a very unique experience with the road.”

Lamborghini Salamanco Concept

At the front, the entire nose serves as a large wing connecting the car’s fenders. The windshield extends down to the front suspension area, leaving the racing shock absorbers and the steering system fully visible.

The side view is characterized by a X-shaped design, with an interplay of intersecting elements that leaves exposed the hollow channel running from the front end to the rear wheels, underlined by the contrasting color.

Among the distinctive design elements are the sideview mirrors, which are positioned above the front wheels, pointing inwards.

Lamborghini Salamanco Concept Interior

The essential interior echoes the exterior racing look and the intricate design treatment.

The project was created using Autodesk Inventor.

Lamborghini Salamanco Concept

About the Designer

Adán López Ortiz is an automotive designer from Mexico

Contact Details

  • phone: +52 1 55 1478 4529
  • e-mail:

(Image Courtesy: Adán López Ortiz for Car Body Design)

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