Audi Airomorph Concept

New Designers 1 Aug 2014
Audi Airomorph Concept

The Audi Airomorph is a design study of a futuristic Le Mans car featuring a textile morphing body inspired by catamaran racing. The author is Art Center graduate Eric Kim.

The project was sponsored by Audi AG, and developed by Eric Kim at the company’s headquarters in Ingolstadt, Germany, under the supervision of Kris Vancoppenolle.

Audi Airomorph Concept - Design Sketch

Audi Airomorph Concept - Design Model

Speaking about the main idea behind the concept, Eric explains: “Mimicking the catamaran fundamentals of racing I wanted to pursue a similar approach in my Le Mans Concept.”

Audi Airomorph Concept - Design Model

The body consists of a single sheet of cloth layered over its frame, cocooning  the driver in an ultra-modern cabin.

Audi Airomorph Concept - Design Model

The skin is made of a silver expansion-resistant textile, which has the capability to stretch across movable metal wires controlled by hydraulic attuators. This allows the body to have a continuous motion and achieve the best driving conditions possible.

Audi Airomorph Concept - Design Panel

Each wheel pod placement has a cable attached to it. These cables are highly durable and can be increased and decreased in size, like a coiled spring, thus allowing the body shape morphing.

Audi Airomorph Concept - Design Sketch Audi Airomorph Concept - Design Sketch

Eric comments: “Having the great opportunity to collaborate with Jenns Mooler in the Aerodynamics/Engineering Department, we worked together to create the best possible solution of a blown diffuser that is not only functional but atheistically pleasing as well.”

Audi Airomorph Concept - Design Sketch

Audi Airomorph Concept - Design Panel

“Projekt: Airomorph” was sponsored by Audi AG and the model was assembled by Design Center California.

Audi Airomorph Concept - Rendering

About the Designer

Eric Kim is a recent graduate (spring 2014 semester) from the Art Center College of Design in Passadena, CA.

Contact Details:

(Image Courtesy: Eric Kim for Car Body Design)

Image Gallery

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Audi Airomorph Concept - Image 2
Audi Airomorph Concept - Image 13
Audi Airomorph Concept - Image 1
Audi Airomorph Concept - Image 14

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