Red Bull X2014 Gran Turismo Concept: new images

tags: , | in: Automotive Design , Concept Cars 24 December 2013
Red Bull X2014 Gran Turismo Concept: new images

Red Bull and Gran Turismo have revealed new images of the X2014 concept specifically designed for the GT6 videogame. The first version of the racing car designed by Adrian Newey is now available as a free Holiday Update.


The new update includes the Red Bull X Challenge and two new racing cars: a Red Bull Kart and the Red Bull X2014 Junior, the first stage of the concept designed by Adrian Newey for the game, to be followed by the X2014 Standard and the X2014 Fan.

Red Bull X2014 Junior

Above: the X2014 Junior

For this occasion, Polyphony Digital has released new images that show the high-tech, sleek design of the X2014.

Red Bull X2014 Standard

Above: the X2014 Standard; below: the X2014 Fan

Red Bull X2014 Fan

Check the full gallery or head over to for more details.

Red Bull X2014 Junior Championship Red Bull X2014 Junior Championship

(Source: Polyphony Digital)


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  1. aflo

    Let’s not confuse ENTERTAINMENT design with automotive design. I realize that, in this dumbed-down environment, almost anything goes – and gets raves to boot.


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