Michelin Challenge Design 2014 for CCS: the winners

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Michelin Challenge Design 2014 for CCS: the winners

Michelin has announced the results of the Design Challenge 2014 contest reserved to the Detroit College for Creative Studies. The winning team is composed of Austin Cox, Jae Chun Cho, Geum Wook Lee and Byungwan Kang, who also won in the individual category.


Michelin has announced the winning entries of the 25th Annual Michelin Challenge Design Competition for the College for Creative Studies (CCS) and presented a $25,000 donation to support the school’s Transportation Design program.

Modularity Concept by Byungwan Kang - 3D Rendering

The Modularity Concept by Byungwan Kang, 1st winner in the Individual category

Sixteen students, divided into four teams, entered this year’s challenge, which was based on the global Michelin Challenge Design theme of “Driven/Undriven: The Duality of Tomorrow’s Automobile.

Modularity Concept by Austin Cox - Design Panel Modularity Concept by Byungwan Kang - Design Panel

Modularity concepts by Austin Cox (left) and Byungwan Kang (right)

Each team was named after a vehicle feature that provided the theme for the team members’ entries: Modularity, Stretch; Transformer and Hub.

The Team category was won by the “Modularity” group composed by Austin Cox, Byungwan Kang, Jae Chun Cho and Geum Wook Lee.

In the Individual category, the first three winners are: Byungwan Kang (South Korea), Dongsung Choi (South Korea) and Austin Cox (Boston, MA, USA).

Stretch Concept by Dongsung Choi - 3D Rendering

The Stretch Concept by Dongsung Choi, 2nd winner in the Individual category

Winning CCS transportation students received trophies, scholarships and an invitation to display their designs in the Michelin Challenge Design exhibit at the 2014 North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) Jan. 18-26, 2014.

The students’ proposals were judged by design leaders from major OEM’s, themselves all former CCS Michelin Design competition winners.

  • Michael Smith, Senior Automotive Designer, Ford Motor Company
  • John Norman, Principal Designer / Acura Interior Styling Manager, Honda R & D America
  • Addam Ebel, Senior Designer, General Motors

The winning CCS students’ work will join 15 designs representing nine countries selected in the global Michelin Challenge Design competition at NAIAS.

Below we report a selection of images and details from the official press release. Check the full gallery of entries here.

Design Teams

  • Team 1: Modularity – Austin Cox, Byungwan Kang, Jae Chun Cho, Geum Wook Lee
  • Team 2: Stretch – Samuel Thetard, Carlos Gonzalez, Dongsung Choi, Namwoo Kim
  • Team 3: Transformer – Joshua Holly, Ming-Tsai Lin, Keunhyuk Choi, Eun Hye (Grace) Hong
  • Team 4: Hub – Eugenio (Eugene) Sellaro-Neto, Sungkyung Lee, Gwan Woo Nam, Cheng (Enzo) Zhou

Official Statements

Michelin challenged the CCS students to explore innovative concepts of vehicle autonomy, a hot topic in the industry. Working in teams of four, students created autonomous platforms.

Then, each team member designed a vehicle whose design connects with its target despite the lower level of driver interaction; compared with today’s vehicles, which require operator’s attention to control them.

Students were also asked to create a tire/wheel assembly with a unique design and functional capabilities best suited for the application.

“This year marks the 25th anniversary of this prestigious design competition and it reinforces Michelin’s commitment to innovation and design by maintaining a strong link to one of the premier North American design schools,” said Thom Roach, vice president of original equipment marketing, Michelin North and South America.

“We challenged CCS students to take on a topic of significant importance in the industry, vehicle autonomy. It’s exciting to see the creativity and enthusiasm these future designers have as they work to develop innovative ideas and solutions that incorporate new design and vehicle functions to deliver truly autonomous vehicles.”

(Source: Michelin Challenge Design)


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