Kawasaki J Concept

Kawasaki J Concept

At the 2013 Tokyo Motor Show Kawasaki has presented the J Concept, a futuristicthree-wheels personal transport concept vehicle based on adaptable platform that offers two riding modes.

The J Concept explores new possibilities for the future of personal commuters, by proposing a futuristic vehicle that offers two riding modes: a sporty, low riding position for high-speeds and a comfort-oriented upright position.

Kawasaki J Concept

The J Concept features two wheels on the front axle and one large wheel on the rear axle, and is powered by an all-electric drivetrain. The conventional handle bar is replaced by two controllers – each connected to a wheel.

In order to switch from the Sport mode to the Comfort  mode the wheel base is shortened, the footstep is pushed forward, the seat is heightened and the front track is extended for maximum stability.

Kawasaki J Concept

The exterior design features a sharp, aggressive surfacing that adopts the aesthetic philosophy of the brand.

Kawasaki J Concept

In Sport Mode the track would narrow and the overall riding stance become more sporting and aerodynamic allowing the rider to be “as one” with the vehicle for fun, sport riding.

Kawasaki J Concept

Kawasaki Motors Europe, Managing Director Yasushi Kawakami, commented: “While this remains a concept vehicle it is certainly a tempting insight into way that diverse technologies currently under development at Kawasaki Heavy Industries could work in a harmonised and complimentary way.”

(Source: Kawasaki)

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