LA Design Challenge 2013: JAC Motors HEFEI

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LA Design Challenge 2013: JAC Motors HEFEI

The HEFEI (Harmonious Eco-Friendly Efficient Infrastructure) is a project of a futuristic transportation system featuring towers powered by wind turbines and a networ of autonomous vehicles fed by a power grid.


At the 2013 LA Design Challenge the Japan-based JAC Motors R&D Center has presented a project of a futuristc urban transportation system called HEFEI (Harmonious Eco-Friendly Efficient Infrastructure).

JAC Motors HEFEI - Operation

This advanced mobility solution takes inspiration from the self-sufficiency of the eco-systems in nature and provides a “symbiosis” between vehicles and their urban environment.

JAC Motors HEFEI - Tower Schematic

The system consists of a number of self-powered towers, featuring wind turbines on the inside, which transmit energy via a power grid to the network of autonomous vehicles.

Jac Motors HEFEI - Symbiotic City

The conventional roads are replaced by a floor surface located under the pedestrian area, and integrated with the infrastructure power grid.

JAC Motors HEFEI - Pick Up Area

Users can access the vehicles in dedicated areas located at the base of the towers.

JAC Motors HEFEI - Automated Vehicle JAC Motors HEFEI - Automated Vehicle


The vehicles, produced in Eco-Factories using nano-Technology and a self-assembly process, are compact three-wheelers with a 2+1 interior that offers maximum comfort to its passengers.

JAC Motors HEFEI - Vehicle Access

When not in use, the vehicles can park themselves on special vertical structures integrated in the towers, and a roof-integrated propeller is deployed to act as an additional wind turbine generator.

JAC Motors HEFEI - Parking State Jac Motors HEFEI

  • Project Lead: Frederic Dupuis-Jung
  • Design Team: Frederic Dupuis-Jung, Keiji Omaki, Nicolas Blondeau, Keishi Yoshikawa
  • 3D & Animation: Kentaro Kaneko, Ryo Kojima, Dua Xiong, Hirofumi Kamezawa

(Source: LA Auto Show)


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