Harald Belker on his career and the design industry

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Harald Belker on his career and the design industry

A speech held at Academy of Art University presented by entertainment and concept designer Harald Belker, who discusses his work and giving some career advices to design students.


Harald Belker is one of the most renown concept designers in the entertainment design industry, having created vehicles for such movies as Batman, Minority Report, Iron Man, Tron: Legacy and Total Recall.

Minority Report Concept by Harald Belker Iron Man Concept Car by Harald Belker

Harald has also designed vehicles for the toys industry, from several Hot Wheels to the recently presented ANKI robotizes slot cars.

PULSE book - Racing Concept by Harald Belker

On last March 2013 he held a speech at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, where he presented his work and gives some advices targeted to design students.

Ride - Bike Concept by Harald Belker

In the first half of the video Harald gives an overview of his career, portfolio and design philosophy. In the second part of the video there is a very interesting Q&A session with the design students and he gives many interesting advices and insights.

For more information on Harald Belker, you can check his official website or read our past exclusive interview for the release of his book Pulse.

Tron Legacy Light Cycle Early Concept by Harald Belker

You can also find more Industrial Design-related videos in the Guest Speaker Videos at the Academy of Art’s website.

(Source: Academy of Art University – Image credits: Harald Belker)


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