Rolls-Royce Eidolon 2030 Concept

in: New Designers 2 October 2013
Rolls-Royce Eidolon 2030 Concept

The Rolls-Royce Eidolon Concept by designer Ying Hern Pow is a design study of a futuristic autonomous vehicle featuring omnidirectional wheels and an interior inspired by luxury yachts.


With his Eidolon Concept, Ying Hern Pow explores the innovative possibilities offered by technologies such as autonomous driving systems and omnidirectional wheels, combining them into a luxury package for the Rolls-Royce brand.

Rolls-Royce Eidolon 2030 Concept

The sleek exterior is characterized by a length in the 6 meters range and a futuristic aesthetic with hubless wheels and an extremely shallow glazed area.

Rolls-Royce Eidolon 2030 Concept

The Eidolon can operate in two modes: undriven and driven (semiautonomous mode). When passing from the first one to the second one, the cockpit area is raised, and the windshield area is increased for better visibility.

Rolls-Royce Eidolon 2030 Concept

The interior takes inspiration from modern yacht design, and is divided into an upper and a lower deck.

Rolls-Royce Eidolon 2030 Concept Design Board

The upper deck is similar to a convectional car cabin and can accommodate three passengers, with the driver sitting in the center seat like in a yacht’s captain bridge.

Rolls-Royce Eidolon 2030 Concept

Rolls-Royce Eidolon 2030 Concept

Rolls-Royce Eidolon 2030 Concept

Rolls-Royce Eidolon 2030 Concept Design BoardThe lower “living” deck is located in the front section of the vehicle and has two additional seats.

Passengers in this “lounge”-like area have a large cinema screen and can enjoy the outer environment thanks to the large panoramic roof made of opacity-adjustable electro-chromatic glass.

The whole cockpit can be easily accessed thanks to the opening system, with large vertical doors.

The generous dimensions are balanced by the adoption of the omnidirectional wheels, which allows the Eidolon to achieve a level of maneuverability higher to that of a C-segment sedan.

The drivetrain features Magnetic Pulse coupled with existing omniwheel technology.

You can find more images on or read the designer’s project story on his Behance page.

About the Designer

Ying Hern Pow is a designer from Singapore City, Singapore. He attended the Masters in Car Design at Domus Academy (Milan) and studied at NTU School of Art, Design and Media (ADM) and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

He recently won the 2013 A’ Design Silver Award in the Vehicle, Mobility and Transportation Design Category.

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  2. RAL

    Wow! very interesting and futuristic. But how about elevating just a bit the foof enabling a better view?
    the side view rocks. Its a great work

  3. This is the worst looking concept I’ve ever seen!


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