“Capture The Emotion” design sketching competition

“Capture The Emotion” design sketching competition

DesignerTechniques and Facebook’s CarDesignPage have launched a 8-week long sketching competition open to students, asking each week to design heavy goods vehicles based on specific themes.

(cover image: pencil sketches by Hussein Al Attars – source: Learning Curves)

The contest is organized by CarDesign Facebook page, the authors of Learning Curves, DesignerTechniques and Sketch A Day.

Truck Design Sketches by Hussein Al AttarsPencil sketches by Hussein Al Attars
source: Learning Curves)

Each week participants are asked to submit a design sketch of a Heavy Goods Vehicle that captures the essence of a particular keyword.

The announced keywords include soft, aeronautic, aggressive, electric, liquid, humanoid and animal.

The works must present the side view of the vehicle, based on a vehicle package available as a download in pdf format.

The first round has started on September 16h and is based on the word NEW. The deadline for submitting works is September 22nd, 2013 at midnight (EST).

Every week there will be a winner, and after the 8 rounds the jury will select a grand winner among the weekly ones.

The weekly prizes include a copy of Learning Curves and a Sketch-a-Day T-Shirt.

Scania Truck design sketch Learning Curves - Design Book

The overall winner will receive an author-signed copy of Learning Curves, a Wacom Intuos Pro and a portfolio review by Kristofer Hansen (Head of Design, Scania AB).

The judging panel includes:

  • Kristofer Hansen – Head of Design, Scania Trucks AB
  • Shaun A Hutchinson – Editor of CarDesign page
  • Allan Macdonald – Editor of DesignerTechniques, Author of Learning Curves
  • Klara Sjölen – Author of Learning Curves, Author of Design Sketching

For more information visit facebook.com/CarDesignPage or DesignerTechniques.com.

(Image Courtesy: DesignerTechniques for Car Body Design)

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