Lucra Cars previews sleek roadster

Special Cars 8 Aug 2013
Lucra Cars previews sleek roadster

California-based Lucra Cars has revealed the first pictures of a roadster powered by a Mercedes-Benz AMG V8 engine and expected to be built in limited series.

The new roadster codenamed 2.2 has a sleek design, with a distinctively long hood and set-back cabin and muscular fenders.

Lucra Cars 2.2 Concept preview

It is expected to join the company’s other model – the retro-inspired LC470 which has been featured in Fast & Furious 6.

Lucra Cars 2.2 Concept preview

According to the available information, the roadster will be offered with the M156 6.2 liter V8 unit from Mercedes-Benz AMG.

For more details visit Lucra Cars’ Facebook page.


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Lucra Cars previews sleek roadster - Image 1
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  1. glyphics1943

    Another example of people with more money than design sense producing an ugly supercar. Spyker, Pagani and now Lucra. A high-school student with a blunt pencil can draw up a better looking sports car during lunch hour.

    • 9/8/2013

      Now that’s funny! 😀 You’re probably right too.

    • Cloverleaf

      That’s true for this Lucra and the latest Spykers, but I completely disagree in extending that judgment on Pagani.

  2. 10/8/2013

    I think it had good intentions. I’ve seen worse. Not worse than those exhaust outlets, though. 😀


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