Video documentary: The Design Makers – Inside Ford Design

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Video documentary: The Design Makers

A 22-minutes video documentary that shows how automobiles were created by Ford designers in the late 1960′s.


The video, reported below, is a very interesting historic document, and includes interviews with several Ford designers – among them are Homer LaGassey and Gene Bordinat, as reported by Dean’s Garage.

1969 Ford Styling Sketches by Homer LaGasseyThe video was published on the YouTube channel owned by mrpitv, who reported in one of the comments that he used to work at GM in the video department and left to launch the History Channel with an automotive history series, and he’s now posting the raw video materials used to make some of the films.

Also make sure to check the other videos, there are other interesting clips on automotive design and dream cars of the past.

Another historic documentary on Ford’s design activities is “Styling and the Experimental Car”, an official production by Ford dated back 1964.

(Source: mrpitv’s YouTube channel via: Dean’s Garage – Sketches from:


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