The Design Sketch Board

Announcements, News 22 Jul 2013
The Design Sketch Board

Do you like design sketches? What about 4,000 of them? We are launching the new Design Sketch Board!

Today we are very excited to present a brand new feature: the Design Sketch Board!

Car Body Design - Design Sketch Board page Car Body Design - Design Sketch Board page

During nearly 9 years of activity, we have selected and published a huge number of images. Among these, nearly 4,000 are design sketches, ranging from early development drawings to final illustrations and renderings, created both digitally and traditionally.

Most of them are related to Transportation Design, but there is also a growing collection of industrial design sketches.

The Design Sketch Board will allow you to access all this material just from one single section.

2010 Shelby GT500 - Design Sketch by Ford designer Rob Jensen

One of the most popular images from our archive: the 2010 Shelby GT500 sketch by Ford designer Rob Jensen

We have taken inspiration from sites like Pinterest as well as from long-time established pages like SimKom’s SketchSite, with the goal of providing a good browsing experience and a useful source of information/inspiration.

2010 Camaro - Design Sketch by SangYup LeeIn addition to collecting all the sketches from our archive, we have also added some interaction features, allowing registered users to mark their favorite pictures and add their comments to each image.

Based on the public’s reaction, the Design Sketch Board will be expanded over the next months and will also provide the basis for additional features.

The Design Sketch Board is currently in beta, which means that you may run into some bugs.

In case you experience any problem, or if you have any suggestion, please feel free to add a comment on this page or let us know at

And now… go check it out!

Image Gallery

The Design Sketch Board - Image 5
The Design Sketch Board - Image 2
The Design Sketch Board - Image 6
The Design Sketch Board - Image 4
The Design Sketch Board - Image 1
The Design Sketch Board - Image 3

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  1. 23/7/2013

    Great stuff, truly inspirational- Thank you CBD!

  2. 937923331


  3. 31/1/2014

    Erm.. guys, the pop up isn’t working for me. Neither in Chrome, nor in Firefox. The Inspector Console shows the errors too. In IE there’s pretty much nothing happening, there’s not even the magnification icon that appears in other browsers.

    This is a cool idea and is something that I’ve wanted on CBD for a long time. Looking forward to seeing it up and running smooth. Thanks!


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