3 Lectures on Design by Luciano Bove

Automotive Design 13 Jul 2013
3 Lectures on Design by Luciano Bove

Our friend Luciano Bove has posted three video excerpts from lectures held at FHS University and IAAD, covering his personal career, project design management and presentation strategy.

On his blog Luciano Bove, currently Renault Design Manager R&D Design Studio, has made available three interesting videos from some of his recent design talks.

The first one (in English) is from a lecture held on last May at the FHS University of Applied Science in Salzburg Austria. He shares his personal experience and tells how he became a car designer.

The other two videos – only available in Italian – were shot at Turin IAAD and deal with two interesting yet often underrated topics: Project design management and Presentation strategy. We report them below along Luciano’s summary in English.

On a project management we have to respect some steps unless we cannot rule and control a design project from beginning to production. Those steps are: – Understand project objective – Make a Business Plan – Marketing and competitors studies – Benchmarking – Budget – Macro technical studies – Macro cost analysis – Creative brainstorming – Concept choice – Concept development”

“When we prepare our mini-portfolio or our portfolio we have to keep in mind these aspects: – Seduction to stimulate curiosity – Rhythm not to be boring – Quality to be highly competitive – Creative and variety – Learn how to eliminate the worst projects not to kill your presentation”

(Source: Luciano Bove)

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