DAF trucks line-up: design story

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DAF trucks line-up: design story

DAF has recently completed the new line-up of Euro 6 models. We report an exclusive document that provides insights into the design language and strategy.


With the launch of the LF and CF, the DAF range of Euro 6 vehicles is now complete. The models were designed with a clear family look that follows the formal language first introduced with DAF’s flagship model XF.

DAF Trucks range - Design Sketch

“Greater consistency than ever before has been created,” says Bart van Lotringen, design director at DAF trucks and responsible for the new look.

Exterior Design

DAF Design Director Bart van Lotringen DAF Euro 6 model range

“As with the XF, a clever grille design was needed for maximizing cooling capacity and optimal aerodynamics through the engine compartment. A unified integrated form language with a prominent DAF logo. Each vehicle with it’s own characteristics, but all well suited for the different applications in which they are working.”

DAF Trucks range - Grille design

“On the XF, our top-of-the-range model, we have chosen for chrome elements in the grille to show it’s a premium truck. For the CF however, our medium truck, we have left these out as this is more of a true workhorse with the many versatile applications this truck is suited for.”

DAF LF - Design Sketch DAF CF - Design Sketch

“On the lower end, our LF, is a real distribution truck and here we wanted it look more friendly and appropriate for a truck that works mostly in an urban environment. The big difference of the LF with the previous model, is that it now has a real truck feel to it and is more part of the family than before.”

DAF New Euro 6 LF DAF New Euro 6 CF

DAF Trucks - Clay modeling DAF Truck - Skirt design

Interior Design

DAF Trucks Interior family look

“Also the interior has a strong family look to it and many of the useful features of the XF have found their way into the CF and LF as well. From the precision look instrument with its driver performance assistant, to the handsome steering wheel with its logically grouped switches.

DAF LF Truck - Interior design sketch DAF LF Truck - Interior design sketch

“Everything is easy to find and at a location where you expect it. The dashboard has been extended to the center of the truck on all vehicles, and this provides the driver with a layout that’s built around him and plenty of acres for all the devices that you can see in trucks nowadays.”

“The LF cabin is maintained at a low position and is therefore ideal for distribution. The interior has a good crosscabin access, in case of an automatic gearbox and enables to sit comfortably with 3 people, when required.”

DAF CF Truck - Interior design sketch DAF CF Truck - Interior design sketch

“The CF interior is focused on versatility, which is the main need in the medium segment. The door panel, for instance, can be chosen with fabric insert for long-distance applications, matched to the seats. But it can also be equipped with a durable version, allowing it to be cleaned very easily in case of vocational applications.”

DAF Truck Interior clay model DAF Truck - Seat Design DAF New CF dashboard DAF New LF dashboard

(Image Courtesy: DAF for Car Body Design)


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