‘ADAM seeks EVE’ sketch contest: the winners

‘ADAM seeks EVE’ sketch contest: the winners

Opel CS and AutoDesign&Styling Magazine have announced the results of the ‘ADAM seeks EVE’ sketching competition. The first three winners are Marcell Sebestyén, Lukáš Taneček, Vasilij Kurkov and Paulo Konno.

Launched back in early May, the ‘ADAM seeks EVE’ international contest asked participants to sketch an ideal car ‘partner’ for the stylish mini Opel ADAM model.

A six-member jury of professional designers and representatives of the organiser, whose honorary chairman was Niels Loeb, Exterior Chief Designer of Opel ADAM, chose the winners among more than 400 entered projects.

Opel EVE Concept Design Sketch by Lukas Tanecek Opel EVE Concept Design Sketches by Vasiliy Kurkov

Left: sketch by Lukáš Taneček (2nd place) – Right: sketch by Vasilij Kurkov (3rd place)

The winning design was by 23-year-old Marcell Sebestyén from Hungary. On second place was 36-year-old Lukáš Taneček from the Czech Republic, and the jury gave third to Vasilij Kurkov (26) from Russia.

The special prize of Honorary Jury Chairman Niels Loeb was taken by Paulo Konno (45) from Brazil.

The grand winner will receive an invitation to the September conference on automotive design AutoDesign Prague.

Opel EVE Concept Design Sketch by Marcell Sebestyen

“Adam and Eve were according to religious myth the first man and woman – and all people are their descendants. In my opinion, Opel ADAM and EVE would represent the first level of Opel‘s model palette, from which all other models would symbolically originate,” explains the winner Marcell Sebestyén about his creation process.

Opel EVE Concept Design Sketch by Marcell Sebestyen

“Marcell’s concept explores the entry into the mini-segment under the ADAM, and embodies iconic Opel design cues such as our signature wing-shaped LED daytime running lights,” says honorary jury chairman Niels Loeb about the winning design.

“The concept reminds me of the Opel Trixx showcar. It is a modern interpretation of an Electric vehicle”

Opel EVE Concept Design Sketch by Paulo Konno

The Honorary Jury Chairman Special Prize was taken by Brazilian Paulo Konno, who commented: “The partner for Adam should have a distinctive design feature based on one of Adam’s many interesting design elements, but treated in a unique way.”

“Paulo´s concept for a sporty urban Mini-SUV with a centre hard-top that can be removed to create an open roadster (similar to the ADAM Rocks Concept) has a bold, masculine design that would appeal to a broad customer base. Paulo has a very good feeling for proportion and visualization,” explains Niels Loeb about what was interesting on his design.

Official statements

“The design competition showed what a great foundation Opel ADAM is for developing more or less realistic ideas and studies – its tens of thousands of interior and exterior variations make each model unique, just as each EVE model was unique,” says Pavel Šilha, General Director of Opel for the Czech and Slovak Republic.

“We cannot predict whether Opel will ever produce an EVE model, but the entered designs would certainly be a great source of inspiration!”

Radek Laube, Chief Editor of AutoDesign&Styling, shares his impressions on the competition: “Choosing the best sketches was no easy task for the jury. Most of the work was on a high level and the selection process was uncompromising. But I also believe that those, whose work didn’t make it into the finals, gained new experiences through the competition and might score points in future design competitions in which we intend to continue,”

(Source: AutoDesign&Styling Magazine)

Image Gallery

'ADAM seeks EVE' sketch contest: the winners - Image 2
'ADAM seeks EVE' sketch contest: the winners - Image 6
'ADAM seeks EVE' sketch contest: the winners - Image 5
'ADAM seeks EVE' sketch contest: the winners - Image 3
'ADAM seeks EVE' sketch contest: the winners - Image 4
'ADAM seeks EVE' sketch contest: the winners - Image 1

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