Alienware Concept

New Designers 2 May 2013
Alienware Concept

The Alienware Concept is a study of a futuristic race car inspired by the distinctive gaming hardware brand. The author is designer Shane Baxley.

The Alienware-inspired racing vehicle adopts the intricate, sci-fi inspired distinctive style of the Alienware brand.

AlienWare Concept Car

As designer Shane Baxley explains: “The project started last year during my senior term at Art Center College of Design while working on my Apple Car sharing service thesis project.

AlienWare Concept Car Design Sketches AlienWare Concept Car Design Sketches

“The entire term I had been drawing clean, pure vehicles which was something new for me but one night the itch to design something crazy became too much.”

So I asked myself, what would an Alienware care look like? Alienware computers are the antithesis to the Apple aesthetic.

AlienWare Concept Car

“This Alienware vehicle is used for racing in the distant future where vehicles are ‘grown’ rather than built. The driver would sync to the car through his or her suit and the vehicle itself would be one large computer.

AlienWare Concept Car

“This is not beyond the scope or reality, engineers at Stanford were recently successful in creating the worlds first biological transistor, thus opening the doors to biological computers. Grown vehicles will definitely be the ‘way of the future’.”

About the Designer

Shane Baxley holds a Bachelor of Science from Art Center College of Design and is currently a contract designer in Los Angeles, California.

Past projects featured include the Apple iGo Car sharing Service and the Hyundai Concept Aebulle.

Contact Details:

(Image Courtesy: Shane Baxley for Car Body Design)

Image Gallery

Alienware Concept - Image 1
Alienware Concept - Image 11
Alienware Concept - Image 9
Alienware Concept - Image 8
Alienware Concept - Image 13
Alienware Concept - Image 6
Alienware Concept - Image 4
Alienware Concept - Image 3
Alienware Concept - Image 14

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