Aero Limo Concept

New Designers 30 May 2013
Aero Limo Concept

The Aero Limo Concept is a study of a futuristic limousine based on emotional design. The author is Laurentiu Bradea from Coventry University.

The Aero Limo Concept was the final degree project of Laurentiu Bradea, a final year student at Coventry University.

Aero Limo Concept 3D Rendering

The vehicle is wrapped in a titanium shell designed to create a visually pleasing yet comforting appearance for the user.

As Laurentiu explains, “Creating an emotional design is not a simple process of sketching. It comes from within and the goal here is to stir the viewer’s feelings of nostalgia, mystery, adrenaline.”

Aero Limo Concept Development Sketches Aero Limo Concept Development Sketches

“Aero Limo is a car which reflects and stimulates people’s natural interest in protection and self importance through emotional design.”


Aero Limo Concept Final design sketches

The forward stance of the car is communicated by the fast detail at the back and the sharp roofline.

“I tried to combine fluid shapes with sharp details and in my opinion they create a design which looks soft and organic with an aggressive touch.”

Aero Limo Concept Final Design

In order to create a home-like environment the interior space was designed the user’s needs, integrating three 3 different functions: an office / working space, a sleeping / meditation area and a living room.

About the Designer

Laurentiu Bradea is a 22 years old designstudent from Romania. He has completed his 3rd and final year Automotive Design at Coventry University.

Contact Details:

(Image Courtesy: Laurentiu Bradea for Car Body Design)

Image Gallery

Aero Limo Concept - Image 3
Aero Limo Concept - Image 2
Aero Limo Concept - Image 1
Aero Limo Concept - Image 8
Aero Limo Concept - Image 9
Aero Limo Concept - Image 6
Aero Limo Concept - Image 10
Aero Limo Concept - Image 4
Aero Limo Concept - Image 7

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  1. 5/6/2013

    I love concept cars! I can’t wait to see lots of different cars like this in my city!

    p.s. I hope they will use alternative fuel..


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