Renault Fly Concept

New Designers 23 Apr 2013
Renault Fly Concept

The Renault Fly is a project of a flexible platform for a lightweight sportscar focused on driving excitement. The author is Konrad Cholewka from Poland.

Following a “back to basics” approach, design student Konrad Cholewka decided to create a lightweight sport car based on a flexible, lightweight platform that could serve as a basis for different models.

Renault Fly Concept

To enhance the driving sensations and pleasure, the concept is very essential, with a space frame made of carbon fiber which is partially exposed, concurring to the vehicle’s sporty look.

Renault Fly Concept

Renault Fly Concept

Other features include the low driving position, the large glazed areas and a surface treatment that recalls Renault’s latest creations, in particular at the front.

Renault Fly Concept

Renault Fly Concept

The same body-frame-engine layout can be easily combined with different wheels, tires, wheel-arches and suspension setups to race both on the track or off-road.

Renault Fly Concept

About the Designer

Konrad Cholewka is on his master degree first year at Wrocław Academy of Art and Design and is currently for an internship.

Contact Details:

(Image Courtesy: Konrad Cholewka for Car Body Design)

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