Icona Vulcano: design gallery

Special Cars 24 Apr 2013
Icona Vulcano: design gallery

A set of design sketches and images from the development process of the Vulcano, the supercar revealed by Icona at the 2013 Shanghai Auto Show.

Below we report an official video and new design information along with a number of sketches of the Icona Vulcano. Check the full gallery or read more on our past articles.

Body design features

Icona Vulcano - Design Sketch

The body is entirely made from carbon fiber, dressed over a strong aluminum extruded chassis.

Icona Vulcano - Design Sketches Icona Vulcano - Design Sketches

The engine heat evacuation is managed towards the sides, avoiding the negative aerodynamic impact of hot air.

Icona Vulcano - Alias screenshot Icona Vulcano - Autodesk Showcase screenshot

The flat floor has a rear wing integrated under the car. The front grille is also shaped with blades, tuned for down force adjustment.

Icona Vulcano

Similar to the Icona Fuselage concept, the integrated wings in the lower area of the wheel arches help to control the air flow and reduce air turbulence.

Interior Design

Icona Vulcano Interior

As for the exterior, the “Beauty and the Beast” complementary relationship is expressed with a performance orientated feel at first glance, while the sophisticated and refined integrated design of each element gives the interior an unforgettable signature.

Icona Vulcano - Interior Rendering

The interior makes significant use of carbon fiber, giving a race-inspired feel while fully adjustable bucket seats and other practical design features ensure total comfort for passengers on a long journey.

Icona Vulcano Interior Icona Vulcano Interior

On the one hand, the interior is very complete and high tech: its large touchscreen provides most functions such as GPS, radio, or car diagnostics, both passengers have armrests on each side and an elegant five point seatbelt, and there are storage areas hidden behind the seats, capable of storing quite large objects such as a golf bag.

Icona Vulcano - Interior Design Sketch

On the other hand, the interior design is driver-orientated, with very prominent visual displays on the touchscreen and no distracting unnecessary details.

Icona Vulcano - Display UI Design

The fine balance of being a dependable supercar is also reflected in the color and trim: natural saddle leather for the seats and black alcantara and carbon fiber for the rest of the interior.

(Source: Icona)

Image Gallery

Icona Vulcano: design gallery - Image 16
Icona Vulcano: design gallery - Image 23
Icona Vulcano: design gallery - Image 17
Icona Vulcano: design gallery - Image 2
Icona Vulcano: design gallery - Image 18
Icona Vulcano: design gallery - Image 25
Icona Vulcano: design gallery - Image 1
Icona Vulcano: design gallery - Image 19
Icona Vulcano: design gallery - Image 22

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