Ferrari Getto Concept

New Designers 4 Apr 2013
Ferrari Getto Concept

The Ferrari Getto Concept is a study of a super sportscar with a carbon-fiber, suspended cockpit. It was created by ISD design graduate Christophe Jourd’hui and digital modeler Maxime Dewailly.

The Ferrari Getto (‘Jet’ in Italian) takes inspiration from some legendary Ferraris of the past such as the P4, 288 GTO, 250 GTO and F40.

Ferrari Getto Concept

The design aims at underlining the technological values and the history of the brand, as well as enhancing the intensity of the driving experience.

Ferrari Getto Concept

Ferrari Getto Concept Design Board Ferrari Getto Concept Design Sketches

To do this, inspired by simulators, Christophe created a cockpit which is suspended from a frame that runs across the vehicle and over the roof. The movement of the cockpit, driven by hydraulic jacks, enhances to the sensations caused by the vehicle acceleration.

Ferrari Getto Concept

The exposed carbon fiber of the structure and cockpit contrast with the red body color and creates a racing-like look.

Ferrari Getto Concept Design Sketch Ferrari Getto Concept Design Sketches Ferrari Getto Concept Design Sketches

After the first conceptual design phase, the final sketches were turned into a detailed 3D model, developed in team with digital modeler Maxime Dewailly.

About the Designer

Christophe Jourd’hui graduated in transportation design management from ISD – International School of Design Valenciennes. Among his past experiences is a five-month internship at BMW design studio in Munich. He is currently looking for a job position.

Contact Details:

(Image Courtesy: Christophe Jourd’hui for Car Body Design)

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Ferrari Getto Concept - Image 9
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