Volkswagen e-Co-Motion Concept preview

Concept Cars 1 Mar 2013
Volkswagen e-Co-Motion Concept preview

At next week’s Geneva International Motor Show, Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles will unveil the e-Co-Motion, a compact transporter concept vehicle powered by an electric drivetrain.

Fully independent of existing models, the exterior of the e-Co-Motion is focused on finding the optimal balance between maximum space and minimal vehicle footprint.

Volkswagen e-Co-Motion Concept - Design Sketch

Equipped with an electric drive, the e-Co-Motion offers high manoeuvrability, very good visibility and seating ergonomics with easy entry, exit and walk-through.

A low cargo floor height and large cargo capacity make loading easier. From a length of just 4.55 m (width: 1.90 m, height: 1.96 m) the concept vehicle offers a maximum cargo capacity of 4.6 m3 and an impressive 800 kg of payload.

This was enabled by clear partitioning of the vehicle body into a lower driving-relevant zone containing an underfloor drive unit, battery and gearbox; and an upper superstructure that is relevant to delivery tasks.

This generates ideal conditions for maximum space utilisation, and all sorts of body versions and customer solutions are imaginable.  Whether it is a driver’s cab in front of a cargo box, as in the concept vehicle, or a passenger shuttle, low platform or refrigerated box: the customer decides.

‘Electric mobility – especially in light commercial vehicles – could play a crucial role in meeting the growing transport needs of the world’s megacities,’ explains Dr. Eckhard Scholz, Speaker of the Brand Board of Management.

‘Freight trains and conventional or hybrid-powered high capacity lorries would deliver goods up to the city limits.  Then, at transfer stations, smaller electric delivery vans would take over.  Their predictable travel routes and fixed depots would simplify battery charging and equipment maintenance.’

(Source: Volkswagen)

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