Maier Color & Trim car design competition 2013

Maier Color & Trim car design competition 2013

Maier has launched the fifth edition of the design competition for ideas in the Colour & Trim area for vehicles. The deadline for submission is April 25, 2013.

The “Fifth Maier S. Coop. Design Competition” is organized by Maier S. Coop with the collaboration of the Mondragón Corporation, the Innovation and Financial Promotion Department of the Biscay Regional Government, the Department of Economy Development and Competitiveness of the Basque Government, and EIDE (the Basque Association of Industrial Designers).

The competition asks participants to submit Color and Trim design ideas focused on:

  • Front Façade of the vehicle dashboard
  • Door Grab Handle of the vehicle door panel
  • Frontal Module of the vehicle
  • Exterior Door Pillars

The deadline for submitting projects is April 25, 2013.

The Jury will be composed by representatives from Design Centers, Automotive Companies, Public Institutions and Automotive Sector Designers.

The Jury’s evaluation criteria will be based on:

  • Innovation of the design proposals
  • Quality of the deliverables
  • Feasibility in the automotive sector

The Jury will select three winners:

  • Prize for Professional Designers: Award and 8,000 euros
  • Prize for Students: Award and 4,000 euros
  • Prize for the best Collection of Samples: Award and 3,000 euros

The prizes will be awarded in September 2013 at the facilities of the AIC Automotive Intelligence Center in Amorebieta – Biscay (Spain).

For more information visit the competition’s website.


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