VL Automotive Destino

Special Cars 2 Feb 2013
VL Automotive Destino

Presented at the 2013 Detroit Motor Show, Destino is a supercar that combines the body and chassis of the Fisker Karma with the supercharged V8 of the Chevrolet Corvette ZR1.

Developed by US-based VL Productions, Destino is the result of a collaboration between industrialist Gilbert Villereal and former General Motors Vice Chairman Bob Lutz.

VL Automotive Destino

The car is scheduled for retail sales in the second half of 2013 following certification and validation. Prototypes are currently in testing.

“We have made styling modifications to differentiate our design and reengineered the chassis to accommodate the 638bhp ZR1’s handcrafted LS9 engine with either a manual or automatic transmission. The result is truly an American designed, engineered and manufactured four-door performance car that rivals such models as the Porsche Panamera and Aston-Martin-Lagonda Rapide.” explains Lutz.

VL Automotive Destino VL Automotive Destino

“We are developing our distribution network now and will deliver Destino on a first-come, first-served basis. Customers will have the option of customizing the exterior color and interior trim,” Lutz said.

VL Automotive Destino Interior

Destino has an overall length of 202.8 inches and a 124.4 inch wheelbase. Overall height is 52.4 inches.

Destino will be manufactured by VL Productions in Auburn Hills, Michigan.

(Source: VL-Automotive.com)

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  1. redishman

    car reminds me of Maserati Quattroporte….like the original Fisker in fact.


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