Report: FADU Car Design Workshop 2012

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Report: FADU Car Design Workshop 2012


A report from the latest car design workshops organized by Buenos Aires-based FADU (Facultad de Arquitectura, Diseño y Urbanismo) and taught by designer Christian Palladino.

The courses of this edition of the Argentinan workshop were taught from October through November months. As for the previous editions, each course had a total duration of 24 hours, divided in 8 weekly classes of 3 hours each.

Track Day Car by Claudio Morales Track Day Car by Max Lopez Florenza

Track Day Car by Leonardo Stier Gimenez

The Intermediate Level students chose to work on the design of a Track Day Car.

Instructor Christian Palladino explains “As all of them are students of industrial design, they wanted to do a fun and “passionate” project just to let flow some creativity free of the technical limitations and constraints production imparted in the I. D. career.”

“The theme selected for the task was nature-inspired shapes combined with high-tech accents.”

The Beginner Level Courses were focused on free-hand perspective drawing and presentation techniques.

Cadillac CTS Coupe by Nicolas Pariano Seat Leon by Emiliano Olivari Terenziani

For more information you can visit FADU’s official website.

(Image Courtesy: Christian Palladino for Car Body Design)


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