Citroën DS BiRotor Concept

in: New Designers 18 February 2013
Citroën DS BiRotor Concept

The Citroen DS BiRotor is a lightweight 4-seater coupé designed to optimize urban mobility and fuel consumption. The author is José Eduardo Sánchez from México.


Selected as a finalist at the Michelin Challenge Design 2013 competition, the Citroen DS BiRotor combines a compact coupé body and a refined interior with lightweight materials and an efficient powertrain solution that optimizes fuel consumption.

Citroen DS BiRotor Concept

The hybrid drivetrain features a 600cc Wankel engine powering the rear axle, coupled with two in-wheel electric motors mounted at the front and a CVT transmission.

Citroen DS BiRotor Concept

The vehicle is based on a carbon / aluminum modular chassis, which is left exposed in the four-seater interior, characterized by the futuristic AMOLED screen and a transparent, polycarbonate panoramic roof.

Citroen DS BiRotor Concept

Citroen DS BiRotor Concept-Design Board Citroen DS BiRotor Concept-Design Board

The tires can adapt to different weather conditions and driver demands by expanding and contracting widthwise, creating gaps between the rubber to allow water flow and increase grip or shrinking themselves altogether generating a slightly larger, thinner and harder tire to aid fuel consumption.

Citroen DS BiRotor Concept

About the Designer

José Eduardo Sánchez is an Industrial Design student at the University of Guadalajara, México.

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(Image Courtesy: José Eduardo Sánchez for Car Body Design)


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