Aston Martin Rapide Bertone

Special Cars 25 Feb 2013
Aston Martin Rapide Bertone

At the 2013 Geneva Motor Show Bertone will present a shooting brake one-off based on the Aston Martin Rapide and commissioned by a private collector.

The Aston Martin Rapide Bertone reinterprets the exclusive model with a new shooting-brake body style, while maintaining the drivetrain of the original car (6 litres V 12 cylinders engine 476 HP).

Aston Martin Rapide Bertone

The Rapide Bertone was commissioned by an Aston Martin collector who took part in person in the whole development of the project, from the first phases of the style research to the manufacture of the car in the workshop, choosing the bodywork paint as well as the leather trimming and the cockpit upholstery.

The car body features stretched and muscular lines combined with a functional hatch.

Aston Martin Rapide Bertone

“The idea of the movement is evoked by the back pillar bent forward, welded to the powerful muscle of the back wheel arch, in order to transmit the optical perception of speed, typical of a stretching musculature. The high and enveloping tail volume is characterized by two horizontal optical groups and the wide hatchback.”

Aston Martin Rapide Bertone Interior

The cockpit has a 2+2 configuration, with four individual seats. The flexibility typical of the shooting-brake is also expressed through solutions such as the two foldable back seats.

An electrical controlled double sliding bottom covers the two seatbacks, when they are folded up, making available a completely plain load van with exceptional capacity.

The wood upholsteries, refined with glazed aluminum, with two-colored leather trimming, were chosen by the customer.

2004 Bertone Aston Martin Jet 2

At the upcoming Geneva Show, the Rapide one-off will be on display along a new version of the 2004 Aston Martin Jet 2 (a shooting-brake based on the Vanquish), set up for the president of the Company, Mrs Lilli Bertone.

Both the cars were manufactured by “Bertone Officina” (Bertone Workshop), the new company department organized as a high fashion atelier, completely designed for the production of custom-built models

(Source: Bertone)

Image Gallery

Aston Martin Rapide Bertone - Image 1
Aston Martin Rapide Bertone - Image 4
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Aston Martin Rapide Bertone - Image 6
Aston Martin Rapide Bertone - Image 2
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