GAC Group E-JET Concept

GAC Group E-JET Concept

At the 2013 Detroit Motor Show Chinese GAC Group has presented the E-JET concept, a design study of a four-door midsize sedan powered by a plug-in hybrid system.

The E-JET shows a design that follows many current trends, with an arched profile, sculpted surfaces with sharp crease lines and elongated lighting units that extend towards the flanks.

GAC E-JET Concept

The range-extended hybrid drivetrain features a 1.0-liter gasoline engine delivering 60 hp (45 kW) and 82 Nm (60 lb-ft), a permanent magnet motor and a generator.

GAC E-JET Concept

The main dimensions are a length of 4,570mm, a width of 1,790 mm, a height of 1,490 and a wheelbase of 2,620 mm.

GAC E-JET Concept at Detroit 2013

GAC E-JET Concept at Detroit 2013

GAC Group (Guangzhou Automobile Group Co Ltd.) was the only Chinese carmaker at the 2013 Detroit Motor Show.

(Source: GAC Group)

GAC Group E-JET Concept - Image 2
GAC Group E-JET Concept - Image 1
GAC Group E-JET Concept - Image 6
GAC Group E-JET Concept - Image 4
GAC Group E-JET Concept - Image 3
GAC Group E-JET Concept - Image 5

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  1. Matt D

    The proportions recall the Mercedes-Benz CLA-Class, the face looks like a Volvo and the tail lamps are very Peugeot-like. Yet, all in all it’s not that bad…

  2. The title should be “At the detroit motorshow the chinese company presented the E-Jet, a copy of the Mercedes CLA concept”…

    @Matt D: Frankly all I see is Mercedes CLA, the front grill, the headlights, the proportions, the side surface treatment… The back headlights do look peugeot, I´ll give you that, but the rest is CLA, if you place a Mercedes logo on that grill, you would see how many people would say it´s the new CLA. 😛

  3. redishman

    Oh, I thought this is a small Merc and maybe the title is wrong.

  4. RAL

    I agree 100% with all above. But copying is not only chinese. The Clio’s rear reminds of the ibiza’s, and so many other examples. Anyway I do think that chinese car makers should bear in mind that out of China copying is cheating. In China might be different and yes, their inside market rules.

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