Cardane Concept

Automotive Design 26 Jan 2013
Cardane Concept

The Cardane Concept by designer Paolo Martin is a study of an original vehicle layout focused on safety and the use of advanced material.

This conceptual project was completed three years ago by Paolo Martin – renown designer and creator of the legendary Ferrari Modulo.

Cardane Concept 3D Cardane Concept 3D

He explains: “I tried to imagine combining two simple three-dimensional shapes that represent lightness (sheet of paper) and outstanding strength (the egg).

Cardane Concept Ideation Sketches by Paolo Martin“I [also] imagined that these two elements could move independently in order to enhance their own capabilities, hence the name ‘CARDANE'”

The main safety structure – integrated with the suspension and the drivetrain – comprises an outer “ring” to which the pivoting passenger cell is connected.

The cell is linked to the structure with three joints: a front hemispherical one on the median axis and two rear joints controlled by hydraulic actuators, which allow a variation of the midship section and of rolling angle when cornering.

The whole system is controlled via a simple gyroscope.

Paolo Martin concludes: “The final look is essential and defined conceptually but not stylistically: this idea could stimulate the imagination, “dress up” something different, maybe with new stylistic profiles.”


(Image Courtesy: Paolo Martin for Car Body Design)

Image Gallery

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Cardane Concept - Image 1
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