Audi Bike Concept

Bike Design, New Designers 23 Jan 2013
Audi Bike Concept

The “Audi Bike” is a study of a modern urban bicycle inspired by the Audi brand’s design philosophy and with featuring three variants: a sports-bike, a foldable model and an e-bike. The author is Vladimer Kobakhidze from Georgia.

The goal of this project was to design a family of different bicycles using the general design and brand philosophy of Audi in place of the more conservative aesthetics usually fond on today bicycles.

Audi Bike Concept Family by Vladimer Kobakhidze

To achieve this, Vladimer Kobakhidze created a product with a fluent lines and surface transitions and added a sporty appeal and an emotional appearance aimed at expressing Audi-like quality.

The Sports Bike variant is a model for the “premium segment” and features a body frame made of lightweight materials (carbon fiber / aluminum).

Audi Sports Bike Concept

Among the features are the distinctive seat post construction and a Chain ring mechanism with a safe covering system. The seat height and riding position can be easily adjusted by the user.

The Folding Bike model has a more urban-oriented front end and features a small infotainment system that can be connected to a global city network using a smart phone or GPS mobile device system, offering to the consumer a live city map and parking/traffic information.

Audi Electric Bike Concept

Both the Sports Bike and the Folding bike can be easily transformed in a foldable mode, that allows to easily transport them in a car trunk.

The Electric Bike version has a more refined surface design definition. The body frame and wheels are made in carbon fiber and the upper part of the body frame integrates a the eclectic lithium battery cargo, with a Battery range for sample regular urban use.

Audi Electric Bike Concept

The (HP) humane powered mechanism can be used as a generator for recharging the batteries or to power the vehicle on flat urban areas.

About the Designer

Vladimer Kobakhidze is a 29 year-old Georgian car designer, with an Architectural background. He graduated with a BA degree from Georgian Technical University (GTU) as an Architect (2000-05) and completed the MA degree in a car Design and Mobility at Domus Academy (Milan) in the year 2009-10.

He has worked at the several international design companies, like including “Tsikolia Design R&D (Georgia), Zagato (Italy) and Innovo-Design (China). Currently he is working as a Design consultant in Georgia and offers services in the Architecture, industrial and Transportation Design fields.

Contact Details:

(Image Courtesy: Vladimer Kobakhidze for Car Body Design)

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