Qoros Flagship Concept

Qoros Flagship Concept

The first vehicle program by Qoros is a study of a flagship sedan for the year 2020. The project was developed by Coventry student Jamie Barrett in cooperation with the Chinese company.

The goal of the project was to design the future Qoros, a D segment flagship model that could showcase what the company could do: “something fresh but with strong ties to the brand’s design philosophy”, a vision of where the brand would be in the year 2020.

Qoros Flagship Concept - Design Sketch by Jamie Barrett

The vehicle needed to incorporate the Qoros styling strategy adopting the sophistication of European vehicles in order to create a car capable of changing the common perception of Chinese automotive design, by elevating it to a higher and more competitive level, so as to bring confidence to the new brand.

Qoros Flagship Concept - Design Sketch by Jamie Barrett

The aesthetic language also uses elements from Chinese architecture and from the aviation industry.

As Jamie Barrett explains, “The design features many dynamic lines and layered surfaces creating visual interest from every angle, yet still retain the Qoros identity. I tried to create a striking design that really pushes the design philosophy of the Qoros brand to new limits.”

Qoros Flagship Concept - Design Sketch by Jamie Barrett

“The final deliverable was a scale model and artwork that was showcased to students and design professionals alike at the Coventry University degree show in May 2012.”

Qoros Flagship Concept - Scale Model Qoros Flagship Concept - Scale Model

“The culmination of all the hard work and co-operation with Qoros landed me a job at the Shanghai design studio where I am now participating in Qoros design programs for the future.”

The design development process

Qoros Flagship Concept - Exterior Development Design Sketches

Jamie Barrett joined the Qoros design team during his industrial placement (Third year Coventry university industrial experience) at Magna Steyr in Austria where he participated in the first Qoros vehicle program.

Qoros Flagship Concept - Exterior Development Design Sketches

After 6 months Gert Hildebrand offered him a sponsorship for his final year studies. Qoros provided the funds to support the project and offered design assistance.

Qoros Flagship Concept - Exterior Development Design Sketches

In addition to Jamie Barrett and Gert Hildebrand, the development team also included Chief designers from the studio in Austria (Philippe Eberl) and China (Tim Pilsbury).

Qoros Flagship Concept - Interior development design sketches Qoros Flagship Concept - Interior development design sketches

Gert Hildebrand with Qoros Design Model“We had design reviews every couple of weeks, and Tim even Flew from China a few times to check up on the progress of the project, as well as giving weekly reviews on the work.” explains Jamie.

“Working with Gert on the project was a real boost: he gave feedback regularly, and gave me the freedom to visualize how I saw Qoros in the future: a strong Chinese brand that stands for quality and [..] design. He is […] tough but fair and is always looking to increase brand strength, [and] open to new ways of interpreting these core values.”

Qoros’ design philosophy

The Qoros design philosophy revolves around 3 key words: simpleelegant, and dynamic; this is applied to every aspect of the design process.

Qoros Flagship Concept - Scale Model

The design focuses on clean lines with strong emphasis on surface tension. The use of a strong iconic grille and badge combination aims at making the car really stand out.

Qoros Flagship Concept - Scale Model

The design team is paying special attention to these design features, trying to give a face and a name to a new brand and making its models be instantly recognizable.

About the Designer

Jamie Barrett is a 22 years old designer from London. He is currently working for Qoros automotive in Shanghai China.

During the summer of 2011 he was awarded a Design placement at Magna Steyr in Austria and Qoros sponsored his final year studies at Coventry University.

Contact Details:

(Image Courtesy: Jamie Barrett for Car Body Design)


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