Design Lecture: “Proximity Based Styling” by Scott Robertson

Design Tutorials 31 Dec 2012
Design Lecture: “Proximity Based Styling” by Scott Robertson

Scott Robertson has made available a 29-minutes lecture explaining his approach towards transportation design based on the observer’s distance from the vehicle.

In the video lecture reported below, concept designer, publisher and educator Scott Robertson explains his styling methodology, which breaks down design elements into different categories based on the distance from which a vehicle is observed: from the general proportions, graphics and stance to the smallest details and textures.

It is a very interesting and quite rare material, as it deals with the overall design and styling approach rather than with specific, step-by-step techniques and methods explained by most online tutorials.

The video is part of the content that will be included in an upcoming educational series planned to be released in 2013.

Check Scott’s YouTube channel and Facebook page for more free tutorials and lectures.

(Source: Scott Robertson)

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