Troller TR-X Concept

Concept Cars 15 Nov 2012
Troller TR-X Concept

At the 2012 Sao Paulo Motor Show Ford-owned Troller brand has presented the TR-X Concept, an off-road show car with a bold, rugged design language.

Troller is a local Brazilian brand created in 1997 acquired by Ford in 2007. It currently produces the T4 off-road model for a niche market. Troller vehicles are designed and made in northeastern Brazil.

Troller TR-X Concept

The TR-X Concept unviled at this year’s Sao Paulo Motor Show is based on the 2013 version of the model.

Created in Ford Brazil’s Design Center, the Troller TR-X concept is characterized by a muscular shape that aims at conveying “its strength to endure any type of terrain”.

Overall, the design is in line with the current trends, while showcasing some reminiscences of the Hummer models and the Toyota FJ.

Below we report some design details from the official press release.


The Concept has higher, longer bumpers integrated into the vehicle’s body. The hood, which features a raised central feature, conveys strength and virility.

The front grille’s unique design is composed of different line patterns which contrast with the fiberglass body’s clean lines.

Troller TR-X Concept

LED head lamps and tail lamps reflect the new, modern design. The TR-X’s flat green color evokes a connection with nature, which is the Troller’s native environment.

“We were trying to create a concept that symbolized the essence of Troller. It is a brand that is known for its tradition in the offroad world with the T4. We’ve replicated Troller DNA in the TR-X in this robust and stylish design,” said João Marcos Ramos, Ford Brazil’s Chief Designer.

(Source: Troller)

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  1. RAL

    It even looks appropiate for real 4W drive.!

  2. Mohamed Eissa

    I have never knew the brand troller, but it looks like new interpretation of the known wrangler just without Jeep logo .. maybe they had farther look to the segment more than Jeep’s team but with some exaggeration.


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