Tesla C Concept

New Designers 9 Nov 2012
Tesla C Concept

The Tesla C Concept is a study of a modern compact electric city car with an original door opening system and a focus on versatility. The author is Macedonian Dejan Hristov.

The Tesla C Concept uses a modern surface treatment, with tight surfaces featuring sharp, crisp edges and creases, which gives the vehicle a solid, sculpted appearance.


The main features are the large side doors which allows rear passengers to easily access the back seats.

tesla-c-concept-07 tesla-c-concept-08

The doors open by automatically sliding forwards: an automatic system powered by electric motors which helps when parking in narrow spots. The tail gate has a similar opening mechanism.

tesla-c-concept-04 tesla-c-concept-05

The rear bumper can slide backwards, revealing an integrated rear carrier system which contains the spare wheel and can be used for transporting bikes or other loads.



Dejn Hristov also imagined a sportier version, with a wider stance, larger wheels, sports bumpers and a bigger battery-pack.


All the images were created in 2D using Adobe Photoshop.

About the Designer

Dejan Hristov is a designer from Macedonia. Among his past projects published on Car Body Design are the Bugatti Super Sedan Concept and the Pontiac Solstice II Concept.

Contact Details:

(Image Courtesy: Dejan Hristov for Car Body Design)


Image Gallery

Tesla C Concept - Image 1
Tesla C Concept - Image 7
Tesla C Concept - Image 5
Tesla C Concept - Image 12
Tesla C Concept - Image 9
Tesla C Concept - Image 4
Tesla C Concept - Image 3
Tesla C Concept - Image 11
Tesla C Concept - Image 8

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  1. Mohamed Eissa

    Too much attention to curves and angels on package views of the car which makes it amazing in these views while not the same effect with other views. But I still like it


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