Local Motors/BMW Urban Driving Experience Challenge: the winners

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Local Motors/BMW Urban Driving Experience Challenge: the winners

Local Motors and BMW have announced the results of the first design phase of the Urban Driving Experience Challenge. The winner is Australian Anthony Franze with his BMW Reward Me premium car sharing club concept.


The contest asked to submit ideas for features and functions for future premium vehicle features that would revolutionize urban mobility in the year 2025.

bmw-reward-me-02The entries were reviewed by a council of 14 BMW Group executives, who selected the top 10 concepts. The final ranking was determined based on how the Local Motors community rated each concept on three criteria: How do you rate the expected customer benefit? How do you rate the completeness of the submission? How do you rate the impact on urban mobility in 2025?

The first place was won by Anthony Franze (Franze) from Adelaide, Australia with his the premium vehicle-sharing club ”BMW Reward Me”.


This club, exclusive to the BMW brand, is based on the idea of the need for “instant gratification through gamification”:

“[...] by 2025, the human brain has re-wired itself to be seeking evermore instant rewards, as users dopamine centers have grown exponentially from years of using Gaming,Twitter,Facebook & Google. [...] Dopamine receptors have grown exponentially and users want more than is available at present.”


The system has four levels of membership, and provides a passport to the ultimate driving experience. As users unlock rewards (as in a videogame), new features become available to them and they can progress until they earn a top license or bonus award points that can be spent in retail, food or travel.

Anthony will receive a $7,500 cash prize and a trip to Munich, Germany to meet with managing director of BMW Group Research and Technology Dr. Christoph Grote.

Second and third place prizes of $2,500 and $1,500 were respectively awarded to Kevin Lo (ReLoad) of Washington, USA for his BMW Vision BreatheFree concept, and to Guillaume Coolen (Orbitlane), from Tokyo, Japan for his BMW Eye-3 concept.



The second phase of the BMW Urban Driving Experience Challenge will begin the week of Nov. 12, 2012, and conclude by Nov. 30, 2012. For more information visit www.localmotors.com/bmw.

“This was a very different kind of challenge for our global community,” said Jay Rogers, co-founder and CEO of Local Motors.

“Focused not on physical vehicle design but on the human driving experience, we asked them to define feature and function concepts that would really push the envelope of specialty automotive design…and they did not disappoint. Congratulations and thank you to everyone who participated.”

(Source: Local Motors)


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