ARAC ZXS Street Fighter Concept

in: Motorcycles , New Designers 7 November 2012
ARAC ZXS Street Fighter Concept

The ARAC ZXS is a design study of a lightweight, aggressive bike in the street fighter segment. The author is Marko Petrovic from Serbia.


The ARAC ZXS combines an original body design, with a ultra light aluminum chassis and a massive V-twin motor.

Arac ZXS Concept

The most distinctive feature is the package: compared to the competitors in the street fighters market segment it is smaller and lighter and yet it’s combined with a large displacement unit.

Arac ZXS Concept Arac ZXS Concept

The design is aggressive, with sharp lines and curves surrounding the engine compartment.

Arac ZXS ConceptAs Marko Petrovic explains, “The idea was to create a body design that naturally continues through the whole frame giving the impression of a metal skin with two tone-color (in this case black and fire orange).”

The seating area is also quite large providing better comfort, and it ends with a thinner tail carrying back light.

The front headlight is made of light emitting recycled glass plates which give a distinctive appearance and provide optimal visibility.

An additional smart feature is the ‘safe drive’ system, which monitors speed and distance of other vehicles around, and in case of necessity can automatically activate the brake system.

Arac ZXS Concept

With this project, the Serbian designer is planning to create a conceptual brand named “ARAC” with the goal of proposing new ideas in different areas of transportation through digital media.

Arac ZXS Concept

About the Designer

Marko Petrovic is 28 years old designer from Serbia. He completed the Master in transportation design at Domus academy (Milan) in 2009/2010.

After graduation he did an internship at Milan-based Changed design studio and worked with several design studios in the field of industrial, transportation (yacht design), product and fashion design.

Among his past projects published on Car Body Design is the Ferrari Millenio Concept.

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(Image Courtesy: Marko Petrovic for Car Body Design)


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