Olivier Gamiette’s Concept Sketch Jam

tags: | in: Automotive Design 31 October 2012
Olivier Gamiette

Automotive designer Olivier Gamiette shows how to present a futuristic concept vehicle in 12 different ways, using both digital and analogue techniques.


On his Behance profile, automotive designer Olivier Gamiette has posted a very interesting project, consisting of an original exploration of techniques applied to a futuristic sportscar concept.

Aquarelle Rendering by Olivier Gamiette Photorealistic Rendering by Olivier Gamiette

As Olivier explains, he has decided to develop all the variations he usually envisions even before drawing the first line of a new concept - “almost an X-ray radiography of my mind at the very moment the idea pops out.”

Light Rendering by Olivier Gamiette Photoshop Fast Sketch by Olivier Gamiette

“A whole broad spectrum of renderings is immediately visible, each one might become the one to transcend it all, the one to give way to an unforgettable mental quake…I will eventually need to choose one!”

Marker and White Pencil Rendering by Olivier Gamiette Tape Drawing by Olivier Gamiette

“Here [...] I decided not to choose and to share with you a full range of techniques to portray one idea in 12 different ways.”

 The choice of the rendering technique is not purely aesthetic, as “it might also influence the idea itself!”

Night Rendering by Olivier Gamiette Pencil Rendering by Olivier Gamiette

Olivier also posted a number of work-in-progress pictures that document the whole process and give some hints on his methods.

Watercolor Rendering by Olivier Gamiette Wheel Pencil Rendering by Olivier Gamiette

You can check the full sketch jam gallery and the work-in-progress on Behance.

(Image Courtesy: Olivier Gamiette)


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