UID Degree Show 2012: Audi Elite Concept

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UID Degree Show 2012: Audi Elite Concept

Presented at the Umeå Institute of Design 2012 Degree Show, the Audi Elite by Eric Leong is a futuristic single seater vehicle with an original control system based on the driver’s body movements.


With his Audi Elite Concept, Eric Leong aimed at underlining the connection between man and machine and bringing back full control to the driver – a concept somewhat against the current trends, which see the development of autonomous vehicles.

Audi Elite Concept - Design Panel

Through a complex mechanical system, the driver can control the vehicle moving and rotating his/her hands, arms, feet, legs and body.

Audi Elite Concept - Design Panel

The system also integrates an advanced learning platform with motion sensors: as the user gets better, different aero panels on the car can be manually manipulated to provide greater challenge and more precise control and speed and vehicle upgrades are made available.

Audi Elite Concept Audi Elite Concept

The design enhances the strong link between the driver and the vehicle by adopting an essential, motorcycle-like approach.

Audi Elite Concept Scale Model Audi Elite Concept Scale Model

The surfacing is characterized by a clean, technical look influenced by modern product and industrial design, while the original control system was inspired by advanced interface in the videogames and interaction industries.

Audi Elite Concept - Rendering

The main design features such as the new form of controls were fabricated as full scale mock-ups, to test and validate function and ergonomics.

The Elite project was officially sponsored by Audi, and Eric’s mentor was Klemens Rossnagel, Head of Concept Design Munich.

About the Designer

Eric Leong graduated with a MA Transportation Design from Umeå Institute of Design.

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(Image Courtesy: Umeå Institute of Design for Car Body Design)


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