Opel Adam: first images

Production Cars 11 Jul 2012
Opel Adam: first images

Opel has revealed the first images and details on the new ADAM. Expected to debut in Paris, the city car will feature stylish elements and advanced customization possibilities.

With the all-new ADAM, Opel is entering the A-segment with a chic, small, urban car, characterized by a bold design with potential for almost unlimited personalization.

Opel Adam

Premium technologies include a new onboard infotainment system which integrates the owner’s smartphone in the car, the Advanced Park Assist (APA II) and the Side Blind Spot Alert (SBSA).

The ADAM measures almost 3.70 meters in length and 1.72 meters in width and offers seating for four people.

The model targets trendy urban customers who are looking for a car that expresses their personal style.

The car will initially be offered with three gasoline engines (1.2 l 51kW/70 hp, 1.4 l 64 kW/87 hp and 1.4 l 74/100 hp) combined with a five-speed manual transmission.

Later on, a new generation small gasoline engine will make its premiere in the ADAM, featuring direct injection turbocharging for further enhanced efficiency and performance.

The all-new Opel ADAM will debut at the Paris Motor Show (September 29 – October 14, 2012) and will go on sale from January 2013.


Opel AdamADAM innovates and introduces a totally new trim approach. Rather than having the well-known trim hierarchies, customers can choose from three different highly individualized trim moods or worlds: JAM is unconventional, fashionable and colorful, GLAM offers a more elegant, refined and sophisticated setting and SLAM appeals to those with energetic and sporty attitudes.

ADAM JAM, ADAM GLAM and ADAM SLAM: these three “mood” worlds set the stage for a virtually unlimited potential for personalization with a wide choice of exterior colors, three roof colors, different interior colors, decors and various headliners -including an LED lit “starlight” roof trim – and other premium inspired distinctive design elements.

Mark Adams, Opel Vice President, Design explains: “No other car in this segment can be personalized as much as the Opel ADAM because we are offering virtually unlimited exterior/interior color, fabric, decor and kit combination possibilities. It’s unlikely our customers will see another car like theirs.”

Exterior Design

Opel Adam

ADAM’s “floating” roof which is visually disconnected from the body allows a distinctive two-tone color combination.

The car’s name badge is – unlike with most other cars – placed at the end of the chrome “signature” window molding on the rear pillar, which adds to its unique appeal. In the wide front grille, the ADAM has the new wing-shaped chrome bar with the embossed Opel emblem as introduced in the new Astra line-up.

On the flanks there are design cues such as the blade shape in the lower door and the characteristic crisp “shock wave” around the door handles known from the Astra GTC.

The headlamps feature wing-shaped daytime running lights (DRL) typical for Opel. For the first time in the A-segment, both the headlamps and the taillights are available with state-of-the art energy-saving LED technology.

(Source: Opel)

Image Gallery

Opel Adam: first images - Image 9
Opel Adam: first images - Image 11
Opel Adam: first images - Image 8
Opel Adam: first images - Image 14
Opel Adam: first images - Image 7
Opel Adam: first images - Image 5
Opel Adam: first images - Image 4
Opel Adam: first images - Image 1
Opel Adam: first images - Image 12

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  1. Andres Sanchez

    Its like a 500, DS3 :/

    (via Facebook)
  2. Andres Sanchez

    Its like a 500, DS3 :/

    (via Facebook)
  3. Neo Von Rammstein

    but looking good design!!

    (via Facebook)
  4. 11/7/2012

    …and Audi A1…

  5. Diego Bezek

    It looks like the old Ford KA…

    (via Facebook)
  6. Andres Sanchez

    Yes and audi a1 :/
    Maybe they have no ideas for opel :/
    Its fine but that lines are of other cars…

    (via Facebook)
  7. Andres Sanchez

    The front is like the fiat 500 4×4 …

    (via Facebook)
  8. Andres Sanchez

    Lateral and maybe back of DS3..

    (via Facebook)
  9. Andres Sanchez

    Rahul Raj said this car is like mini too..

    (via Facebook)
  10. Rahul Raj


    (via Facebook)
  11. Rahul Raj

    a kind of Mixed breed by opel 😛

    (via Facebook)
  12. Andres Sanchez

    A Ford ka viral

    (via Facebook)
  13. Rahul Raj

    but in my opinion its moreover ( 500 + DS3 + Mini cooper) d = Adam

    (via Facebook)
  14. Rahul Raj

    that was the equation 😛

    (via Facebook)
  15. Henry Wang

    looks like 500, mini, A1

  16. 12/7/2012

    Very nice- really good looking little car- not sure about the name though- “Adam”?

  17. RAL

    come on!! just a fiat 500 facelift!! a bit more creativity… bitte!!!

  18. Francesco Di Giuseppe

    Another anti design, overdone car…

  19. Cloverleaf

    Trying so hard to have the effortless personality of a 500 or Mini.

  20. jole

    really really nice car… good competitor to vw up….100% opel design….excelent

  21. WZR-Craft

    Lovely little car,with a 500-like shape out side and Rolls Royce celling inside.Hopfully it won’t be dear


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