Former BMW DesignWorks designer speculates on the production BMW i8

tags: | in: Automotive Design 20 April 2012
Former BMW DesignWorks designer speculates on the production BMW i8

BMW DesignWorks former senior designer Sonny Lim has created a set of interesting renders that could preview the upcoming i8 production model, based on the recent spy shots and the i8 Spyder Concept.


The images created by designer Sonny Lim and published on his page on Behance showcase a possible production version of the i8 hybrid sportscar, with a more realistic bodywork, without the LED strips and with less intricate lines.

BMW i8 rendering by Sonny Lim BMW i8 rendering by Sonny Lim

As reported, the i8 will have a shorter wheelbase and length, a total power output of 399 hp and will have a weight of approx. 1,450 kg, achieved through the extensive use of carbon-fiber reinforced plastic (CFRP).

BMW i8 spy shot BMW i8 spy shot

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  1. Johan Wejedal

    sad it doesn’t look exactly like the concept i8… That would be something. Still cool though, for being a BMW…

    20/4/2012 (via Facebook)
  2. JamesBastin

    Wasn’t the i8 originally going to have four seats? This rendering doesn’t look like it.

  3. Apoorv Mehta

    hey cbd i am 13 at the moment and i wanna become an automobile designer in my future ……………………….plese suggest me any of the books/ methdod /software that can help me and improve my drawing skils

    21/4/2012 (via Facebook)
  4. Car Body Design
    22/4/2012 (via Facebook)

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