Former GM design chief creates retrofuturistic concepts

in: Automotive Design 13 January 2012
Former GM design chief creates retrofuturistic concepts

Former General Motors Brasil design chief Nelson Barros has created a set of sketches that reinterprets some classic models of the past: the 1959 Corvette, the Studebaker Commander and the Jaguar XK120.


Nelson Barros has sent us some interesting studies of possible reinterpretations of some automotive legends as “they were in production today”.

Studebaker retrofuturistic concept design sketch Jaguar XK120 retrofuturistic concept design sketch

Chevrolet Corvette retrofuturistic concept design sketchThese include the 1959 Corvette, with its iconic face and red-white livery, the 1950 Studebaker Commander with the distinctive “bullet nose” and the Jaguar XK120 with its trademark grille and headlights.

The three cars were reinterpreted in a retrofuturistic style, and maintain their original distinctive design elements.

Nelson Barros is an independent designer based in São Paulo, Brazil.

From 1969 until February 2006 he was the design studio manager at General Motors Brasil. He retired from GM in 2006.

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(Image Courtesy: Nelson Barros)


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  1. 'Timeshifter' Adam

    Hmm, not so good… :(

    13/1/2012 (via Facebook)
  2. Stephen R. Bierce

    My mom likes the Studebaker.

    13/1/2012 (via Facebook)
  3. BavarItalian Design

    the chevy looks better than the studebaker, but even the front view of the corvette should be more ‘smoother’.. I don’t know how the back part looks like, but I guess (by my imagination) the front wouldn’t fit to the middle and the back part

    14/1/2012 (via Facebook)
  4. Wait a minute. These came out of a design manager? What’s going on?

  5. aplock

    totally rubish.

  6. Younnas Djazzayri


    17/1/2012 (via Facebook)
  7. emp5317

    Oh dear, they are amazingly horrific.

  8. Steve Payne

    Sorry, Try again…

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