Toyota Supra Concept

New Designers 28 Sep 2011
Toyota Supra Concept

Created by 3D artist Andreas Fougner, the Supra Concept is a study of a possible next generation Supra that builds on the model’s core values and features a renewed, modern design.

Toyota Supra ConceptThe Supra Concept is a personal project by Andreas Fougner, a 3D artist from Stockholm, Sweden.

Inspired by a previous “challenge” among colleagues, he decided to create a virtual replacement for the Toyota Supra, a model that hasn’t been updated for a long time.

The design process started with an analysis of the features of the Supra Mk4 model and a research on recent updates of several car models.

This helped define the key features for the project: the new Supra should be an all-new model, with a sporty yet classy appearance, a wide stance and a compact, well balanced look.

Toyota Supra Concept Toyota Supra Concept

Toyota Supra Concept Rear end Design

The design was also influenced by the current Toyota line-up, and in particular by the surface language used on the Prius.

After having defined the main proportions through exploratory thumbnail sketches, the design was then transferred it to 3D, with some minor adjustments.

As Andreas explains, “The main feature of the concept is the intertwined rear leading up to the roof, that creates a very dynamic and fresh shape.”

“The next distinctive feature is the shoulder line. A very simple continuous line going from front to rear.”

Toyota Supra Concept Shoulder line “The small dip in the front tilts the whole car forwards creating this fast paced but well planted and balanced feel.”

“Another key design element is the lights. They are kept very simple, almost illustrative. I found that this enhances the modern look of the car and also helps express a high tech and ‘futuristic’ feel.”

“I am quite the fan of the expression “less is more” and the lights of the car is a direct result of that.”

Toyota Supra Concept Toyota Supra Concept

About the Designer

Andreas Fougner is a professional 3d artist in the video game industry. He lives in Stockholm, Sweden and in his personal projects he loves to tackle the challenge of making realistic and believable designs.

Contact Details:

(Image Courtesy: Andreas Fougner)

Image Gallery

Toyota Supra Concept - Image 3
Toyota Supra Concept - Image 1
Toyota Supra Concept - Image 8
Toyota Supra Concept - Image 4
Toyota Supra Concept - Image 7
Toyota Supra Concept - Image 5
Toyota Supra Concept - Image 6
Toyota Supra Concept - Image 2

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  1. 28/9/2011

    Such a beautiful, brilliant design! I’m pretty sure that whenever Toyota roll out the new Supra they will screw it up with too many complex surfaces and bulbous elements, like they do with almost every car nowadays.

  2. 29/9/2011

    Very nice design! Super-real!

  3. 26/11/2011

    Looks great and more like NISSAN GTR


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