UPDATE: Gladiator’s Bike Concept

in: New Designers 27 September 2011
UPDATE: Gladiator

It resulted that for this project the designer made use of non-original material, utilizing background images from Russian concept designer Maxim Revin. Read on for more details…


UPDATE on October 5th, 2011:

Thanks to the comment posted by our reader chopini we have found out that for this project Jaewan Jeong has made use of non-original material.

More specifically, while the Bike concept was actually designed and modelled by Jaewan Jeong, the background images used for the two sci-fi environment renderings are from works by concept artist and illustrator Maxim Revin. You can find the original artworks on his official blog:

Sci-fi Illustration by Maxim Revin Sci-fi Illustration by Maxim Revin
Above: the original works by Maxim Revin – Below: the non-original renderings
Gladiator Bike Concept Track Gladiator Bike Concept Sky City

We apologize to all our visitors – and to Maxim Revin – and we plan to be more careful in the future when publishing original projects by emerging designers.

Just for reference, below we report our original article. We reserve to delete it when the situation is fully clarified.

Marco Traverso

Car Body Design Founder and Director

The Gladiator’s Bike is a concept study of a flying racing vehicle inspired by Roman chariots, created for a futuristic, dystopian world. The author is Jaewan Jeong from Korea.

Gladiator Bike ConceptThe concept by design student Jaewan Jeong is a racing vehicle for an imaginary future world where ultra advanced technology goes hand in hand with a wider and wider gap between social classes.

Motorsports races have become a violent fight, much like the gladiator games in the Ancient Rome.

Inspired by the gladiators’ chariots, the flying racing bikes have an essential design that leaves the mechanical parts exposed and features modern weapons on the sides.

“There have been dazzling developments in science and medical science, but they were only for the haves.”

Gladiator Bike Concept Gladiator Bike Concept

“Life expectancy for healthy people has got close to infinite, but the monopolistic phenomenon has intensified [...] and upper class people gradually started to openly enjoy violent sports.”

Gladiator Bike Concept Track Gladiator Bike Concept Sky City

About the Designer

Jaewan Jeong is a 26 years old design student from Korea.

Contact Details:

(Image Courtesy: Jaewan Jeong)


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  1. Very nice design and detail! I get a sense of inspiration from this.

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