Mercedes-Benz Aria Concept

New Designers 16 May 2011
Mercedes-Benz Aria Concept

The Mercedes-Benz Aria Concept is a vision of an electric, luxury car for the year 2030, with a design inspired by flying hair and musical instruments. The author is Macedonian design student Slavche Tanevski.

The Mercedes-Benz Aria is an impressive project created by Slavche Tanevski, a design student at the University of Applied Sciences in Munich, Germany, for his Bachelor Thesis.

Mercedes-Benz Aria Concept Mercedes-Benz Aria Concept

Mercedes-Benz Aria Concept The concept was developed at the Mercedes-Benz Design Studio under the supervision of the company’s design chiefs and designers.

It showcases a remarkable quality, with a careful design research carried out through an incredible number of sketches and renderings – check the exclusive gallery with 50+ images.

The goal was to create a car with a timeless design that could combine a sleek silhouette with dynamic proportions and sensual, sculptural surfaces, to express a vision of what a luxury car from Mercedes-Benz could look like in the year 2030.

As Slavche explains, “I intended to do a car with a timeless beauty […]. So I asked myself, what body, which products have this quality? – Musical instruments.”

Mercedes-Benz Aria Concept Interior Design Panel Mercedes-Benz Aria Concept Design Sketch

“The grand piano for example, when it’s closed it looks elegant, classy, noble. […] When open, one sees the keyboard, the strings etc. which put the product to another level.”

Mercedes-Benz Aria Concept Scissor Doors Mercedes-Benz Aria Concept Scissor Doors

Mercedes-Benz Aria Concept InteriorAt first glance the attention is caught by the body surfaces, inspired by female body, violin, the Coke-Bottle – and supported by tensioned and articulated lines which give the car definition and character.

A further analysis reveals a number of details, such as the distinctive “aero pins” which define the tail volume the wheels, the interior.

The main inspiration for the exterior is the flying hair. “Something very likable, spontaneous and elegant.”

Exterior Design

Mercedes-Benz Aria Concept Design Sketch To express the car’s character, the front end is inspired by Alexander’s helmet, a symbol of power, leadership and with a sense of protective aesthetics. At the same time the traditional Mercedes-Benz grille is subtly indicated.

The vehicle has wheel hub electric engines, so the air intakes are positioned on the sides instead of the center. The volumes around are dictated by the aerodynamics.

The arrow-like traditional Benz nose is still there to change the direction of the air.

Mercedes-Benz Aria Concept Design Sketch The fascia form ensemble is being supported by two shovel-formed blades which again divide the air and channel it to the E-engines and brakes respectively.

In the side view, the design is characterized by the sleek trapezoidal shape. The body is extremely stretched, with a very low greenhouse.

“The roofline is coupe-like and is subjunctively integrated in the body, for a better flow appearance.

Mercedes-Benz Aria Concept Design Sketch “The character line is positioned very low and is a quotation of the Mercedes 500K Specialroadster.

“It supports the car’s stylish appearance and matches the design of the roofline, which gives homogeneousness to the overall look.

“The belt line is droplet-shaped, which underlines the aerodynamic efficiency of the car. The front half of the shoulder edge has the opposite direction to give the car push-forward effect.

“The crisp character lines, in contrast, are connected by soft and mainly positive surfaces which show the car’s muscles.

Mercedes-Benz Aria Concept Design Sketch Mercedes-Benz Aria Concept Design Sketch

“By avoiding too many creases and showing an interesting play of light and shadow, the surfaces articulate the reflections to achieve dynamism.”

“The radii and the direction changes on the surfaces are similar to those of a silk dress.”

Wheels design

Mercedes-Benz Aria Concept Wheel design The wheels are based on a five-spoke configuration, which is combined with a complex surfaces that echoes the exterior form language while hinting at the electric drivetrain.

The volume is segmented to give the rim an electric feeling, to express the craft precision and to reduce weight.

The wheel is secured by copper wires, which also optically support the electrical character.

The Mercedes-Benz logo is pulled outside and has a floating impression, as it doesn’t rotate when the car moves.

Interior Design

The main characteristic of the interior is its modularity and the way it is connected to the body of the car: it is not welded to the exterior but wired to the copper skeleton.

Mercedes-Benz Aria Concept Interior Design Panel Mercedes-Benz Aria Concept Interior Design Panel

This makes it easily interchangeable, like home furniture. This connecting system also allows better comfort, as the wires have a flexibility that results in a second suspension system. Inspired by a cradle, the system enables a flying sensation for the passengers.

Mercedes-Benz Aria Concept Interior “The design statement set with the exterior is even stronger in the interior. The flow continues inside the car as well. It’s represented by the main central metallic frame and continues on the conjunctive seats.

“At the front the “dashboard” is formed by two piano black leafs which “levitate” over the ray-shaped structure and enhouse the steering wheel as well as the airbags.

*”The atmosphere in the cabin is very airy and roomy to give the feeling of freedom.

The concept of contrast is also used in the choice of materials: copper and aluminum used to express strength, leather and piano black surfaces as symbols of high class and exclusivity, while the wooden floor resembles a yacht deck.

About the Designer

Slavche Tanevski is a 23 year-old Macedonian design student at the University of Applied Sciences in Munich, Germany.

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Image Gallery

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  1. J.s. Ladrown

    Jeez…what a car.Awesome effort from Mr.Tanevski.

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  2. J.s. Ladrown

    Genious work…:)

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  3. Amey Hundre

    amazing flow in design…truly superb..!!

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  4. 17/5/2011

    A very solid and professional concept. At first glance I actually thought this was another product from Mercedes. Well done!

  5. siyamak rouhi dehkordi

    Its a very nice concept , pursue new approaches in car design. great job.

  6. Kangwan Srivichai

    Very nice concept ^_^

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    Even people from CBD were stunned by this project:)

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    truly phenomenal


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