eBook: 3D Car Modeling with Rhinoceros

Automotive Design 16 May 2011
eBook: 3D Car Modeling with Rhinoceros

German 3D artist André Kutscherauer has published a 600+ pages instructional ebook that teaches how to create a high-quality 3D model of an Audi R8 in Rhinoceros for visualization and animation purposes.

Audi R8 3D model by Andre Kutscherauer“3D Car Modeling with Rhinoceros” is a new instructional book – available both as a PDF digital download and as a printed edition – written by André Kutscherauer, a 3D artist from Munich, Germany.

It is a 624 pages step-by-step guide that explains the modeling process of a high quality exterior of an Audi R8, mostly using class A-surfaces and keeping only a blueprint as reference.

Each step is illustrated with a screenshot and detailed instructions.

The Rhinoceros software was chosen because it can be considered “a perfect entry to the world of NURBS modeling.”

Talking about this project, André explains, “It began with a knowledge gap on my side. As a 3D artist, I used to create a lot of models with polygon techniques.”

Audi R8 3D model screenshot He then decided to switch to NURBS modeling, also inspired by Thomas Suurland‘s works.

During his first attempt at creating a complete Audi R8 3D model, he made extensive researches and developed his own techniques and the idea of a complete NURBS modeling book came into his mind.

“So I did select my nearly finished R8 Nurbs model file and pressed “delete” to start from scratch again.”

This time he worked on every single step until an optimal solution was found and then documented.

When the 3D model was completed, André decided to create a high quality promo video: the complete natural environment with 80 Millions trees took almost 4 months of rendering time, during which he fine-tuned the book and translated it into English.

Car Modeling with Rhinoceros Book Car Modeling with Rhinoceros eBook

The whole modeling and writing process took nearly 2 years. The eBook edition – available in English or German – can be purchased for €49.99.

Self Illumination by Andre KutscherauerIn addition, it is also possible to buy a printed edition as well as the final 3D model in 3dm format.

For more information – and to download a free PDF sample – visit ak3d.de.

About the Author

André Kutscherauer is a 3D artist based in Munich, Germany. He works in the 3D visualization field, creating designs for a household appliance manufacturer and 3D animations for marketing and advertising.

His works have been featured – among the others – on the 3DS MAX Bible 2011, the Maxwell Calendar and the covers of Advanced Photoshop Magazine, 3D World and Harvard Business Manager.

His main tools are 3ds max, Mental Ray, Rhinoceros and Photoshop.

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  1. 17/5/2011

    A 600 pages tutorial! Mr Kutscherauer, you deserve a standing ovation!.

  2. Arrrgh another username

    Wish some one would do this even for Alias car modelling


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