IAAD projects at “Young Designers & Artists Night”

Design Schools 26 Nov 2010
IAAD projects at “Young Designers & Artists Night”

A three-wheeler scooter and two futuristic urban commuters are the transportation-related projects created by design students at IAAD and presented at the “Young Designers & Artists Night” event.

Quattroruote Mid IAAD Summa Concept At the “Young Designers & Artists Night” event, that took place on last 6 November in Milan, thirty creatives – 15 designers and 15 artists – from the Istituto d’Arte Aplicata e Design (IAAD) had a chance to introduce their best projects – each one with a five-minutes presentation.

Check the IAAD’s official website for a photo gallery of the event.

Below we present three transportation design concepts introduced at the event.

Piaggio Tridacna Concept by Victor Teran

The Tridacna is a three-wheeler scooter with an organic design inspired by gigantic saltwater clams Tridacna.

Piaggio Tridacna Concept Piaggio Tridacna Concept

The main body consists of two halves – the front shield and the mid-rear section that integrates the seat.

When the vehicle is not used, the two panels close, thus reducing the dimensions and protecting the seat and dashboard when parked.

The main components are two single-moulded parts made of a soft “closed cell” resin which lend the scooter a more “natural” feeling.

Once the product life cycle is over, the Tridacna can be recycled as a piece of interior design that the customer can bring into his home.

Piaggio New Ape Concept by Masashi Matsumoto

The New Ape is a virtual successor to the iconic Ape three-wheeler model.

Piaggio New Ape Concept Rendering Piaggio New Ape Concept Rendering

To improve safety and stability, the author decided to adopt a four-wheels layout, with the original front axle inspired by the MP3 three-wheeler scooter.

The New Ape is focused on practicality and fun, and has a modern design with large transparent areas.

Piaggio New Ape Concept Design Sketch Piaggio New Ape Concept Design Panel

The main dimensions are a length of 3.6 meters, a width of 1.7 meters and a height of 1.8 meters. The powertrain includes a 660cc engine.

Summa Concept by Davide Cannata

Summa Concept Summa Concept

The Summa Concept is a futuristic urban commuter with a two-seat cabin. The rear section – inluding the rear axle – can detach from the main body, becoming a separate scooter unit with a Segway-inspired layout.

The idea takes inspiration from the meaning of the Yin and yang symbol.

The concept was developed within the “Summa” project, launched by IAAD in collaboration with Quattroruote magazine and MID, and aimed at exploring innovative solutions for the mobility of the next future.

Quattroruote Mid IAAD Summa Concept Quattroruote Mid IAAD Summa Concept

For more information you can check the gallery of the concepts developed for the Summa project.

(Source: IAAD, Virtual Car)

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